Kay Gets in Action!!!

Kay Gets in Action” is the name of one of C.G.I.A.’s new segments. (You’ll be seeing a lot of new things around here soon.)

In these segments, our founder, Kay, will show you all how she puts each of the major lessons we learn every Monday into action!


Hello you all!! Kay typing! We’ve been introduced before but in case you would like a refresher course (hehe) take a look at the “About Me” section to the right >>>>>>>>>>



Referring back to Monday’s post, you’ll see that it was time for us all to do a little bit of inventory on ourselves. The first key that was released was the key of Light, so in this circumstance, we were bringing all of our past issues, problems, and negative traits to the light.

In this new segment of C.G.I.A.–Kay Gets in Action–as it was mentioned earlier, I’ll be showing you how I personally added these keys to my life, and in the end, got everything I’ve ever wanted!


Click on the link to see an example of how I did my inventory!

>>CGIA Challenge 1 Ex.

Now it’s your turn!

Click on this link to do it yourself! >>> CGIA Challenge 1



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