To apply our tips to your life, it helps to put yourself in our posts.

For example, whenever you read our Key Release Lesson entitled, “#BeTheLight” you should be thinking thoughts like these:

 “Jesus is the light of the world—I am too! I am a light of the world.

I follow Jesus, so I’ll never dwell in darkness.

I will always overcome.

I may temporarily be going through some dark times in my life, but I know it’s gonna go away.

 I am light—I allow people to see.

See what?

The Truth.

I spread the light by sharing my faith and the Truth that I have gathered from God.”

In order to shine brightly like we are meant too, we must tap in to the Light Source—God.


From Kay’s Desk:

I am currently applying these lessons to my own life, by sharing all that I’ve learned, with you all! The words that I share—they are not my own. They are from God. I’ve tapped into my Light Source by praying and fasting.

Sometimes light bulbs die out. I’ve “died out” myself…a few times! Luckily, we have a God that instead of replacing His light bulbs, He lets us have our moments in darkness and then return to Him to shine brightly all over again. (It’s a nasty cycle, but I’m just being honest here.)


Try applying these tips from our Key Release Topics and see how quickly your life begins to turn around!

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