FIRST KEY RELEASE!!!!! (Including C.G.I.A’s First Challenge!)

As we’ve mentioned before, the first key needed to unlock your fate is “LIGHT”. In this case, we will be bringing our past issues, problems, and negative traits to the light. Many times we try to push these things to the back of our minds! But we can’t live that way–unless we want to live in darkness for the rest of our lives. So we now present to you ladies…(and gentlemen)… C.G.I.A.’s FIRST CHALLENGE!

We all know that step one in any type of self-work is recognizing the problem. And usually…we find that there are multiple problems. First, I, Kay, will share my personal inventory that I took awhile ago. Afterwards, I encourage you to fill out the inventory sheet included in this post and email it to to receive an e-certificate! (Continue reading to find out more about this challenge.)

Kay’s Example Inventory:

CGIA Challenge 1 Ex.

Now, You!

CGIA Challenge 1

After you have acknowledged your “negative traits” (no traits are actually negative…it just depends on how you use those traits…embrace them all but focus on the positive ones!) you may proceed to “throw away” those feelings that you had about those traits!

Remember to forgive yourself for past circumstances and reactions. Because you’ve acknowledged them all, you now have the power to change.

***To literally THROW AWAY your negative feelings, fill out the “negative traits” sheet (1st page) and email it to to receive an e-certificate that states that you have completed challenge #1! And then… FORGET ABOUT IT! It’s now time to focus on your BEST traits!***


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