Need some M&M?? (Motivation from Monday)

Monday is usually when we’ll be posting our lessons for the week, and because we’re all human, sometimes we need some inspiration and some more motivation to keep us going–especially towards the end of the week!

Welcome to our other new segment! “Need Some M&M??”

This is where we’ll throw you some motivation and reminders–just in case you need a boost!



♦M&M 1: Regarding our past issues, problems, and negative traits–Many times we try to push these things to the back of our minds! But we can’t live that way–unless we want to live in darkness for the rest of our lives.

M&M 2: Step one in any type of self-work is recognizing the problem.

M&M 3: Remember to forgive yourself and others for past negative circumstances and reactions. Because you’ve acknowledged them all, you now have the power to change.

Here’s the entire post from Monday! Click here: CGIA14 


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