Sharing is Caring

We all took our inventory from the first key release (if not, click HERE).

We found our three worst personality traits and our three best personality traits that we chose to use in order to outweigh the “bad traits”.

We then found something to believe in because we brought back to memory the old saying of “believe in something or you will fall for anything”. Whether we chose to believe in the powers of the universe, Spirit, Allah, Buddha, God, whatever/whomever; we chose to believe in something with a pure purpose–something working for the “higher good”.

Now, we at C.G.I.A. encourage you to share your inventory. (Kudos, to those of you who emailed your “negative personality traits list”  to! And congratulations on receiving your very first e-certificates! There will be many more chances to receive certificates and awards for taking this journey to reach your higher selves.)

Share your inventory with that power that you chose to believe in.

The first step was “recognizing the problem”. We found out what it was that had been holding us back and keeping us from our destinies. Now it is time to “put it all out there”. Meditate, pray, share your inventory, and ask the universe, Spirit, Allah, Buddha, God, for forgiveness. Forgiveness for letting those negative traits hold you back for so long.

One more suggestion is that you share your inventory with another human being. Have an inventory-sharing date! Why? It will lift a burden off of your shoulders! Sharing your thoughts, feelings, and realizations that have been stuck floating around in your head will empower you. Find that person that you trust and let it all out. Maybe they’ll share their inventory with you as well!

***You can even share your inventory with one of C.G.I.A’s representatives! Email us at or send us actual mail. Check out our Contact C.G.I.A page for more info.***

James 5:16 “Confess your faults one to another, and pray for one another, that ye may be healed.”

Sharing is caring!


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