Shoutouts Saturday! –with Sheridan Chi.


Welcome back to the blog! It’s “Shoutouts Saturday”! This is the time where we put the spotlight on fellow Carolina BOSS Girls in Action! These are the girls and women across the states who are putting their dreams in action and making BIG moves.

Today’s spotlight is on miss Sheridan Chi–owner of “Goddess Rootz“, an online beauty bar making BOSS moves.

Sheridan Chi–owner of Goddess Rootz.

We at C.G.I.A. wanted to get to know the Goddess Rootz owner a little better, so we asked her a few questions.

How did the idea for your business come about?

♥Well I’ve always wanted to have my own business so it was always in the back of my head, but I didn’t really have the money to start on what I actually wanted to do. I was just going off one day on how tired I am of people wearing those little black Chokers that had no style or spark to them. (I’m a big fan of chokers.) So one day I was talking to my sister and all of sudden a bell rung and I was like OHHHH I should make my own chokers and sale them! And from that point on me and my sister stayed up all night and next day making a website and Etsy account and working on a logo and that’s where it all started.

Sheridan rocking one of her very own chokers that you can purchase from “Goddess Rootz”.

What has been some of your failures and what did you learn from them?

♥My failures have actually been not planning things out before actually making moves. In the beginning when it was only just Chokers. I did not plan out anything, I just dived right in which was a big mistake because I made business cards and ended up changing my mind about the design and everything I wanted on there so I had to keep buying business cards which of course was messing with my pockets. Also not marketing enough. A BUSINESS PLAN is MAJOR key for a successful business and MARKETING is MAJOR key as well so make sure you do both. Now with this new re-launching of the site I can successfully say that everything is so much better as far as a business plan and so much more. My journey with goddessrootz has definitely taught me a lot and now I’m ready to take over the world 🙌🏽 #goddessrootzmob ISSA MOVEMENT 💓 #woman-empowerment 💓

What is the one piece of advice you would give to young entrepreneurs like yourself?

♥I would say don’t look at others success and compare it to yours. That will get you nowhere! You have to focus on your brand and what exciting new things YOU can bring that is different to this world of entrepreneurship. Be unique and be yourself and know that through hard work and dedication that your time is coming! Don’t rush it, take it day by day! And pray over your business.

Get to know Sheridan Chi!

♦Instagram (personal): @imsheridanchi

♦Instagram (business): @shopgoddessrootz

♦Snapchat: @goddessrootzchi

♦Youtube: goddessrootz LLC



The girls of C.G.I.A. want to say thank you to miss Sheridan Chi for dropping words of wisdom on us today!

You are an inspiration to many, and we wish you even more success in all of your business ventures!



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