LOTUS pose. Try-it-out Tuesdays.

It’s Try-it-out Tuesday for the Carolina Girls in Action blog! This means that we’ll be engaging in something that is beneficial to our mental, physical, or and/or spiritual health.

From the desk of Karra:

Today, I decided to practice my Kundalini yoga poses, and amongst them was the Lotus pose.


This one quickly became my favorite pose for many different reasons. Let’s talk about some of its benefits:

  1. This pose is known as the “destroyer of all diseases”. If you’re physically ill or in pain, I definitely suggest trying this pose out to ease some of the discomfort.
  2. Calms the mind and prepares one for deep meditation–stabilizing. Many of us walk around not really connected with our true purpose, and this pose helps to make that re-connection.
  3. Stretches multiple body parts at once, such as the knees, ankles, hips, spine, and upper back.
  4. Helps to create balance in your entire system.
  5. Helps to open the energy located at the base of the spine. This allows you to take that energy and redirect it so that you may “ground” yourself.
  6. Reduces stress, anxiety, and mild depression.
  7. A plus, would be that this pose actually helps to ease menstrual pain for women!

One of our favorite quotes says:

Learn to accept your current circumstances, instead of always trying to be somewhere — or someone — else. There, in the present moment, you may come to understand that you are whole and complete, just as you are. From that realization, you can bloom like a lotus flower.

What are you guys trying out today?

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