Shoutouts Sunday!-with Lexi X

Welcome back to the blog! It’s “Shoutouts Saturday”! This is the time where we put the spotlight on fellow Carolina BOSS Girls in Action! These are the girls and women across the states who are putting their dreams in action and making BIG moves.


Today’s spotlight is on miss Lexi X–a local artist making BOSS moves, with a goal to inspire and heal others with her art.


Let’s get to know you! Who is “Lexi” and why do you do what you do? Could you describe a real-life situation that has inspired you or one of your projects?

♥Who is Lexi? Lexi, honestly is just a piece to a bigger picture. And that’s how I look at myself; in pieces. For example, some days I feel like Lexi, some days I feel like Lex. Other days I wake up and address myself as Arlexis, but everyday I know I’m me. These different personalities, personas, moods- whatever, are just pieces that make the masterpiece that is me. I am a multifaceted individual and by embracing this I feel most like who I am; Myself. And because I am myself, I do all that I do. I see a piece of myself in everyone and art is a way for me to reflect those pieces of myself back to other people for them to interpret. This is my way of shedding light into the souls of others. Art is the way I connect to others and the Divine.

One of my most meaningful paintings I did came into creation after a time where I was hurting badly and relating to a lot of people in a very sad and depressing way. I was in the process of recovering from the trauma of rape and I was feeling hurt and alone in the world. I remember sitting on my bed sobbing when I felt a Divine presence in the room. And in that moment I knew I was not alone. I knew I was not the only woman to ever experience this type of pain and that like them, I would heal, and be a catalyst for the healing of others. And the next morning I painted what I consider to be one of my most riveting and effusive paintings yet, “The Lady in the Water”.

“The Lady in the Water”

How do you work? Do you have a type of everyday ritual that you do while you paint?

♥I work when I need something to “come up off me”. Meaning, I work when I am inspired to. That inspiration can come in a number of different ways, from falling in love, to passionate anger, to heart break. Whatever it is, if I feel it then I have to capture it on the canvas. Usually when I paint I indulge myself in self care. I just listen to good music, drink sweet wine or invite good friends over for a creative session and beautiful conversation. Art is my way of relaxing. And I do so whether with others or on my own. I guess my ritual is just taking the time to make sure I enjoy it.

How do you balance your “art life” and your “everyday life”?

♥ Balancing my art life with my everyday life is something that I am still learning to tackle right now as an Artist. Art is time consuming and takes way more dedication than most people might think. Sometimes it can be hard balancing my need to create and produce with my other responsibilities such as school, work, personal relationships and life. But moving in Divine guidance is how I am able to manage so gracefully. My spirituality plays a huge part in my art and my role as an Artist. Staying in tune with my spirituality helps me to stay in tune with my art because of how intertwined they are. My everyday life consists of me taking time to center myself, reflect, and pray. These three things are often done in some artistic way. For example, sometimes if I pull [tarot] cards I will redraw them with my own twist, or if I am praying I’ll write my prayer as a poem; things like that. My creative and loving relationship to the interconnectedness, that is the Divine is what keeps me in balance.


What is your dream project?

♥My dream project, I suppose, would be a massive painting that tells a story and pays tribute to the love and courage of the Ancestors and the beauty and gentleness of God. I just want to make something that stirs the soul of man. That is my dream piece- creating something that isn’t worth a thousand words but rather speaks the word of Spirit right into the hearts of man.


Professionally, what is your ultimate goal? What does success look like to you?

♥Professionally, my ultimate goal is to inspire and heal others while simultaneously doing the same for myself. I am working at being able to not only support myself but also build in my community. Success to me is the capability to not only provide for myself but to also be able to put my brothers and sisters on, and into a position where they can provide for themselves and others also. I want the type of financial stability that community brings and I am working to put myself in the position to help build and invest in my community for that exact reason.


To the young girls that look up to you and other artists, do you have any words of encouragement to share?

♥To any young women who aspire to be artists, I say “Don’t want it, Will it!”. By this I mean create your way to your success. Never be afraid to step into your light. Don’t just dream–do. All of the cheesy, cliche self motivation quotes are right! You’ve got entirely what it takes so just go for it! So long as you are moving authentically and in your own purpose and truth you can never fail.


From Lexi:

Thank you again for interviewing me. I feel especially honored and I am glad to contribute love to the collective consciousness in this way. May all your readers find their own light on their personal path through this journey we call life. I pray that my words impact someone somewhere. I am deeply thankful for this opportunity. Much love and blessings manifest.

Get to know Lexi X!

♦Instagram: @culture_therapy


From the girls of Carolina Girls in Action, we all just want to say, THANK YOU LEXI!!! It was a pleasure getting to know you and some of your story. We look forward to hearing from you again soon, and we are uber excited to see you at our “Love BO-DY” event on Saturday, November 4, 2017!



***Lexi X will be hosting the “Painting with a Twist” portion of the “Love BO-DY” event and will also be bringing a few pieces of art for sale. There will also be a raffle for you to have a chance at winning a free piece! You don’t want to miss it!***

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