C.G.I.A.’s Projects.

Usually, before a nonprofit actually goes through all of the hoops and takes all of the twists and turns it needs to take in order to become a “legit nonprofit”, they need to apply for grants, right? And usually to apply for a grant, the first question the grant-givers ask is: “what has the organization already accomplished?” Although C.G.I.A. has been a dream for several years now, that is all it ever was. Just a dream. No action was being made on our part because we were waiting on donations and grants to fall into our laps before we did any activities with the girls. So here we are several years later, “waking up” and making our dreams come true!

We will be hosting many more free for all community events and making sure that we are giving back and making our cities beautiful, and then, after we have done all we can do, we will let the universe take care of the rest (and then try out some grant writing)! Here is a brief overview about our first official Carolina Girls in Action event:

We had a blast at the “Love BO-DY” (Love Being Original–Develop You) event!

As you all know, the main goal of Carolina Girls in Action is to help adolescent girls become mentally, physically, and spiritually fit, all while enhancing their local communities. We accomplish this through various ways which you can read here.

At this event, our mission was to hit on each of these aspects and leave the girls feeling inspired and motivated–with the knowledge that they possess all of the resources, talent, and tools that they need in order to make their wildest dreams come true!

Did we do that?? YES! Therefore, the event was considered an absolute SUCCESS!

Check out our recap of the event here: