What’s the Hype???

We get it.

You’re young.
You’re anxious about “what’s next”.
You’re this bright girl with tons of energy and a zest for life and you want to use it but you’re not quite sure how.
We’ve. All. Been. There.
       …and even better than that?
We’re. Still. Here.
Carolina Girls in Action is a safe haven for adolescent girls to visit when they need a break from society’s so-called “standards” being shoved in their faces all day long.
It’s a place to come too when they are in need of some motivation, a burst of creative energy, or even just a listening ear.
Coach Kay and the rest of the C.G.I.A. squad are here for YOU!
With daily motivation, diy’s, online parties, polls, free gifts, and monthly life lessons, C.G.I.A. is the place for you!
Come join our squad!
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