Shoutouts Sunday!-with Lexi X

Welcome back to the blog! It’s “Shoutouts Saturday”! This is the time where we put the spotlight on fellow Carolina BOSS Girls in Action! These are the girls and women across the states who are putting their dreams in action and making BIG moves.


Today’s spotlight is on miss Lexi X–a local artist making BOSS moves, with a goal to inspire and heal others with her art.


Let’s get to know you! Who is “Lexi” and why do you do what you do? Could you describe a real-life situation that has inspired you or one of your projects?

♥Who is Lexi? Lexi, honestly is just a piece to a bigger picture. And that’s how I look at myself; in pieces. For example, some days I feel like Lexi, some days I feel like Lex. Other days I wake up and address myself as Arlexis, but everyday I know I’m me. These different personalities, personas, moods- whatever, are just pieces that make the masterpiece that is me. I am a multifaceted individual and by embracing this I feel most like who I am; Myself. And because I am myself, I do all that I do. I see a piece of myself in everyone and art is a way for me to reflect those pieces of myself back to other people for them to interpret. This is my way of shedding light into the souls of others. Art is the way I connect to others and the Divine.

One of my most meaningful paintings I did came into creation after a time where I was hurting badly and relating to a lot of people in a very sad and depressing way. I was in the process of recovering from the trauma of rape and I was feeling hurt and alone in the world. I remember sitting on my bed sobbing when I felt a Divine presence in the room. And in that moment I knew I was not alone. I knew I was not the only woman to ever experience this type of pain and that like them, I would heal, and be a catalyst for the healing of others. And the next morning I painted what I consider to be one of my most riveting and effusive paintings yet, “The Lady in the Water”.

“The Lady in the Water”

How do you work? Do you have a type of everyday ritual that you do while you paint?

♥I work when I need something to “come up off me”. Meaning, I work when I am inspired to. That inspiration can come in a number of different ways, from falling in love, to passionate anger, to heart break. Whatever it is, if I feel it then I have to capture it on the canvas. Usually when I paint I indulge myself in self care. I just listen to good music, drink sweet wine or invite good friends over for a creative session and beautiful conversation. Art is my way of relaxing. And I do so whether with others or on my own. I guess my ritual is just taking the time to make sure I enjoy it.

How do you balance your “art life” and your “everyday life”?

♥ Balancing my art life with my everyday life is something that I am still learning to tackle right now as an Artist. Art is time consuming and takes way more dedication than most people might think. Sometimes it can be hard balancing my need to create and produce with my other responsibilities such as school, work, personal relationships and life. But moving in Divine guidance is how I am able to manage so gracefully. My spirituality plays a huge part in my art and my role as an Artist. Staying in tune with my spirituality helps me to stay in tune with my art because of how intertwined they are. My everyday life consists of me taking time to center myself, reflect, and pray. These three things are often done in some artistic way. For example, sometimes if I pull [tarot] cards I will redraw them with my own twist, or if I am praying I’ll write my prayer as a poem; things like that. My creative and loving relationship to the interconnectedness, that is the Divine is what keeps me in balance.


What is your dream project?

♥My dream project, I suppose, would be a massive painting that tells a story and pays tribute to the love and courage of the Ancestors and the beauty and gentleness of God. I just want to make something that stirs the soul of man. That is my dream piece- creating something that isn’t worth a thousand words but rather speaks the word of Spirit right into the hearts of man.


Professionally, what is your ultimate goal? What does success look like to you?

♥Professionally, my ultimate goal is to inspire and heal others while simultaneously doing the same for myself. I am working at being able to not only support myself but also build in my community. Success to me is the capability to not only provide for myself but to also be able to put my brothers and sisters on, and into a position where they can provide for themselves and others also. I want the type of financial stability that community brings and I am working to put myself in the position to help build and invest in my community for that exact reason.


To the young girls that look up to you and other artists, do you have any words of encouragement to share?

♥To any young women who aspire to be artists, I say “Don’t want it, Will it!”. By this I mean create your way to your success. Never be afraid to step into your light. Don’t just dream–do. All of the cheesy, cliche self motivation quotes are right! You’ve got entirely what it takes so just go for it! So long as you are moving authentically and in your own purpose and truth you can never fail.


From Lexi:

Thank you again for interviewing me. I feel especially honored and I am glad to contribute love to the collective consciousness in this way. May all your readers find their own light on their personal path through this journey we call life. I pray that my words impact someone somewhere. I am deeply thankful for this opportunity. Much love and blessings manifest.

Get to know Lexi X!

♦Instagram: @culture_therapy


From the girls of Carolina Girls in Action, we all just want to say, THANK YOU LEXI!!! It was a pleasure getting to know you and some of your story. We look forward to hearing from you again soon, and we are uber excited to see you at our “Love BO-DY” event on Saturday, November 4, 2017!



***Lexi X will be hosting the “Painting with a Twist” portion of the “Love BO-DY” event and will also be bringing a few pieces of art for sale. There will also be a raffle for you to have a chance at winning a free piece! You don’t want to miss it!***


LOTUS pose. Try-it-out Tuesdays.

It’s Try-it-out Tuesday for the Carolina Girls in Action blog! This means that we’ll be engaging in something that is beneficial to our mental, physical, or and/or spiritual health.

From the desk of Karra:

Today, I decided to practice my Kundalini yoga poses, and amongst them was the Lotus pose.


This one quickly became my favorite pose for many different reasons. Let’s talk about some of its benefits:

  1. This pose is known as the “destroyer of all diseases”. If you’re physically ill or in pain, I definitely suggest trying this pose out to ease some of the discomfort.
  2. Calms the mind and prepares one for deep meditation–stabilizing. Many of us walk around not really connected with our true purpose, and this pose helps to make that re-connection.
  3. Stretches multiple body parts at once, such as the knees, ankles, hips, spine, and upper back.
  4. Helps to create balance in your entire system.
  5. Helps to open the energy located at the base of the spine. This allows you to take that energy and redirect it so that you may “ground” yourself.
  6. Reduces stress, anxiety, and mild depression.
  7. A plus, would be that this pose actually helps to ease menstrual pain for women!

One of our favorite quotes says:

Learn to accept your current circumstances, instead of always trying to be somewhere — or someone — else. There, in the present moment, you may come to understand that you are whole and complete, just as you are. From that realization, you can bloom like a lotus flower.

What are you guys trying out today?

Shoutouts Saturday! w/ Jayla Breanne Parker.

Welcome back to the blog! It’s “Shoutouts Saturday”! This is the time where we put the spotlight on fellow Carolina BOSS Girls in Action! These are the girls and women across the states who are putting their dreams in action and making BIG moves.

Today’s spotlight is on miss Jayla Breanne Parker–a local actress, model, and photographer who is making BOSS MOVES!

Jayla Breanne Parker–model

Regarding your passion for modeling , photography, and acting…where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?

♥Hmm in 3 years I see myself pursuing a masters in film or in an internship at Cartoon Network.

Among your works, which one is your favorite and why?

♥My fave work that I’ve done is a shoot done at the UNCG pool with my friend Savannah.

Savannah, a friend of Jayla’s.

It was my favorite because I usually don’t have the resources to create the work that I constantly have spinning in my head, and that was the first one that really came to my vision 😊

How do you indulge in your passions while working and in school?

♥Well I study my passion in school as a media studies major. It’s got everything and can be everything so it’s easy for me to just constantly be working on school and passion because it’s basically the same thing for me. I just work little by little everyday.

Jayla Breanne Parker–model.

What do you recommend for other young artists like yourself…how can they balance their love for art and their everyday life?

♥Don’t ever stop doing you. No matter what anyone says. It’s your life, not theirs! Show off your art! Build your platform! Be yourself and get very very good at what you do 😊



Get to know Jayla Breanne Parker!

Instagram (personal): @bluejay_96


Thank you for sharing your bubbly personality and wise words with us today! You are an inspiration to the girls of C.G.I.A. and we wish you many more years of creativity, originality, and success! You are a BOSS!


Work-it-out Wednesday! Stop Talking…Just DO it.

We say it at the start of each new month, right?

“Okay, this time, I’m gonna do it for REAL.”

Whether we’re talking about our health, bettering our relationships, going to school…again…It’s always the same spiel. And it stays as such. Just a spiel. Not our reality. You know why? Because at the end of the day—we don’t know what we truly want.

What? That’s not true.

I want to be healthy.

I want to be happy in my love life.

I want to graduate.

Okay, but what does that actually look like?

You want to be healthy. Fine. But what does that mean? What does being healthy mean to you? What do your meals look like each day? What do you do for exercise? What size pants are you wearing once you’ve reached your goal?

You want your love life to be a happy love life? What does that mean? Do you guys dance in the middle of the kitchen in your pajamas together at midnight? Good communication? Do you two work well together? Are you a stay-at-home mom and he brings home the bacon?

You want to graduate? Okay, so for starters, did you enroll? (And yes, I’m talking to myself right here.) What classes do you need to take to get that degree? Do you stay in touch with your advisor? What outfit are you going to wear under that cap and gown? What job are you going to have after you graduate?


Let’s stop—TALKING—and DO.

Picture that thing that you want and run after it full speed!


After all this being said, it’s Work-it-out Wednesday for the blog, and my own personal goal for my health journey was to make small changes each week. The first small change? Simply walking 10 minutes a day. And of course today is the HOTTEST day that it has been in weeks. But whatever. I wrote out my plan and I’m sticking to it. I have my goals written down, and now all that is left to do is reach them!



The Somewhat Uncomfortable Topic.


Let’s talk puberty!

Nooo don’t groan! This talk will be fun, I PROMISE.

So you were like 8,9,10,11,12,13 when something funny started happening to your body right? I mean all types of weird stuff. You started noticing that you had boobs—tiny ones or maybe a tad bit rounder ones—and then you noticed that hair was growing in all types of weird places.


You might have had a growth spurt that made you a bit clumsy—in some cases, terribly clumsy.


And then one day your tummy started to hurt or you felt a little too uncomfortable and OMG you were on your first period!

Dis tew much 😦

The point here? It’s that you are not alone. You are not the only girl who has ever gone through any of this before. Puberty? It’s the norm.

You may have gone through it earlier than most girls, or later, or maybe it came around at the average time, but the big picture is that no one is more “special” or “cooler” than you are just because of their physical development.

Back when I was in middle school, it was a “bad thing” to be made curvy. Back then you were just considered “fat”. Currently, the “popular” trend is to be curvy. To sum it all up? Trends suck. When one thing is in, the other one is out. How lame.

So. Lame.

Why can’t everything just be “in” at the same time?

Here at Carolina Girls in Action, we know that a trend doesn’t define how “cool”, “popular”, or “attractive” we are. At C.G.I.A. we know that everyone is unique and everyone is “cool”, “popular”, and “attractive” in our book.


mirror pic
Yaaassss girl! Yaaasss!