Work-it-out Wednesday! Stop Talking…Just DO it.

We say it at the start of each new month, right?

“Okay, this time, I’m gonna do it for REAL.”

Whether we’re talking about our health, bettering our relationships, going to school…again…It’s always the same spiel. And it stays as such. Just a spiel. Not our reality. You know why? Because at the end of the day—we don’t know what we truly want.

What? That’s not true.

I want to be healthy.

I want to be happy in my love life.

I want to graduate.

Okay, but what does that actually look like?

You want to be healthy. Fine. But what does that mean? What does being healthy mean to you? What do your meals look like each day? What do you do for exercise? What size pants are you wearing once you’ve reached your goal?

You want your love life to be a happy love life? What does that mean? Do you guys dance in the middle of the kitchen in your pajamas together at midnight? Good communication? Do you two work well together? Are you a stay-at-home mom and he brings home the bacon?

You want to graduate? Okay, so for starters, did you enroll? (And yes, I’m talking to myself right here.) What classes do you need to take to get that degree? Do you stay in touch with your advisor? What outfit are you going to wear under that cap and gown? What job are you going to have after you graduate?


Let’s stop—TALKING—and DO.

Picture that thing that you want and run after it full speed!


After all this being said, it’s Work-it-out Wednesday for the blog, and my own personal goal for my health journey was to make small changes each week. The first small change? Simply walking 10 minutes a day. And of course today is the HOTTEST day that it has been in weeks. But whatever. I wrote out my plan and I’m sticking to it. I have my goals written down, and now all that is left to do is reach them!




Grab an M&M! (Some Motivation from Monday)!!

A few nuggets to take with you from Monday:
🔹M&M 1: If Jesus is the light of the world, and we are made in his image, then we are also lights of the world!
Matthew 5:14 “Ye are lights of the world.”
🔹M&M 2: Think about it, in order to truly appreciate light, there has to be darkness! You may go through some really dark times in your life, but your light will shine so brightly that the darkness will eventually go away!
🔹M&M 3: Now, what does light in the physical world do? It allows people to see. Spiritual lights do the same thing. We allow people to see and hear the Truth. We share our faith and what we’ve learned in order to spread the light.

Light and Love, C.G.I.A.

Grab an M&M! (Motivation from Monday)!!

A few nuggets from Monday’s post to remember for the remainder of this week:
🔹M&M 1: We found out what it was that have been holding us back and keeping us from our destinies now, meditate, pray, shared your inventory, and ask the universe, spirit, Allah, Buddha, God, for forgiveness. Forgiveness for letting those negative traits hold you back for so long.
🔹M&M 2: Share your inventory with another human being! Sharing your thoughts, feelings, and realizations that has been stuck floating around in your head will empower you. Find that person that you trust and let it all out.
🔹M&M 3: James 5:16 “Confess your faults one to another, and pray for one another, that ye may be healed.”

To read the full post, Click HERE.

You can even share your inventory with one of C.G.I.A.’s reps! Email us at

Light and Love, C.G.I.A.

Simply Ask

Remember our blog’s first key release? Through our first challenge, we found that we ALL have a few “trouble areas”. We found our three personality traits that were holding us back (and quickly let them go!) and then we found our three BEST traits that we promised (to ourselves) to use to overcome and outweigh the other traits. We found that WE were the ones who were holding ourselves back! WE were the reasons behind many of our struggles! Take our poll to see just how many of us are alike! Who knew?

Here’s an excerpt from our last post, Believe“:

It is so much harder not believing in anything at all! For instance, when one is alone…in the middle of the night…no one is around to talk to…no one who can understand them…no one who can give them peace…it’s…for lack of a better word… TERRIBLE. We know that many of you have been in that position before. It’s a natural feeling for human beings to have, but it can be “fixed”.

So give it a shot. Choose to believe!

Believe in something that is rooted in “goodness, mercy, peace, and serving a higher purpose”. You can turn to the universe, Spirit, Allah, Buddha, God, and they and/or their purposes will always be there to comfort, listen, and reveal! After all–if you want to believe in this as well–they and/or their purposes have been here since the beginning of time….


We are a Christian-oriented organization. Meaning that we draw from various beliefs of Christianity.

Our mission today, however, is to encourage everyone to have SOMETHING that they believe in. The universe, Spirit, Allah, Buddha, God, whoever or whatever that is working for a higher good for ALL.

Understand that the world should never feel like it is on your shoulders. Stress, low self-esteem, health issues…yes, it is somewhat up to you to get rid of the problem, but you can’t (and should not!) go about it alone.

Use supernatural strength!


Believe, and let go of all of your worries. Let go of all of your problems. “Let go, and let God!”

Once you begin to believe, you can conquer any and EVERY thing. If you want to be a better person, ask God (or whomever/whatever you decide to believe in after meditating/praying/researching) to make you a better person. If you want to believe, but feel like you can’t because people may think you’re weird, or your family doesn’t believe…ask God to remove the people out of your life who are not helping you to grow and better yourself and THEN see what happens! If you want to no longer be ill, ask God for strength and supernatural healing!

Matthew 21:22 “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”

After you have found that something/someone to believe in, and asked all of your questions and asked for all of your burning desires…then it is time to BELIEVE again! Believe that you are a better person. Believe that people are no longer holding you back. Believe that you are stronger and completely healed!

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

With that said, believe that you can and will do anything it is that you want to do and become whomever you want to become!


We all need an extra boost or words of encouragement when trying to be brave or venture out on a new path in life.

If you would like to be on our prayer list (our representatives and founder pray for you and contact you–if you wish–so that they can see how things are going for you) simply contact and leave your name and whatever prayer request you have (it can be something extreme or something that you may call small. Maybe you want someone to pray for you “just because”. All prayer requests are equally important.)

Also, if you would like any topics we have covered to be elaborated on, or would like to discuss anything with any of the representatives or even the founder, feel free to email us at as well.

Light and Love, The C.G.I.A organization

Grab an M&M!! Motivation from Monday!

Last Monday we went over the first challenge that C.G.I.A had. Our challenge was to find the three biggest traits that we have that are holding us back and the three best traits that we have that we are able to use to override the “negative traits”.

Here are just a few reminders–M&M’s–for you to apply to your life this week!

M&M 1: Once you have “acknowledged that you have a problem”, you have the power to change it! When one continues to act as though there is no problem, they can never fix the problem that they actually have.

M&M 2: Remember to be understanding and forgiving to yourself.

M&M 3: If you are feeling a little weary, remember this Bible verse;

Romans 15:13 “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Here’s the entire post from Monday! Click here: CGIA14


FIRST KEY RELEASE!!!!! (Including C.G.I.A’s First Challenge!)

As we’ve mentioned before, the first key needed to unlock your fate is “LIGHT”. In this case, we will be bringing our past issues, problems, and negative traits to the light. Many times we try to push these things to the back of our minds! But we can’t live that way–unless we want to live in darkness for the rest of our lives. So we now present to you ladies…(and gentlemen)… C.G.I.A.’s FIRST CHALLENGE!

We all know that step one in any type of self-work is recognizing the problem. And usually…we find that there are multiple problems. First, I, Kay, will share my personal inventory that I took awhile ago. Afterwards, I encourage you to fill out the inventory sheet included in this post and email it to to receive an e-certificate! (Continue reading to find out more about this challenge.)

Kay’s Example Inventory:

CGIA Challenge 1 Ex.

Now, You!

CGIA Challenge 1

After you have acknowledged your “negative traits” (no traits are actually negative…it just depends on how you use those traits…embrace them all but focus on the positive ones!) you may proceed to “throw away” those feelings that you had about those traits!

Remember to forgive yourself for past circumstances and reactions. Because you’ve acknowledged them all, you now have the power to change.

***To literally THROW AWAY your negative feelings, fill out the “negative traits” sheet (1st page) and email it to to receive an e-certificate that states that you have completed challenge #1! And then… FORGET ABOUT IT! It’s now time to focus on your BEST traits!***